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Translating for Journalists and Writers, a Professional Russian to English Translation

As a translator I really look forward to translating for journalists and writers. Whether it is information for their article about what happens now or for their book what happened in the past. It can be anything: fraud, new nature-friendly technologies, personal letters or collectables. Once it was a sci-fi story and the author needed my opinion in creation of the genuine Russian atmosphere.

Professional Russian to English TranslationAnother time a writer asked me to rewrite his story in Russian with one proviso: I needed to transfer his point. The next time I delved into the historical documents to provide the author with the more precise information. It is very important for me as a translator to offer my knowledge and experience in exchange for something precious and learn from that.

Those who asked me to translate for them had already tried some software translation programmes first. Machine translations still neither can put a word into a right form nor chose the right translation for the particular word.

Many words possess different notions and change their meanings together with the situation. Only a professional can differ and transfer the meanings or ideas distinctly. And this is what professional writers are looking for when they deal with text in a different language.

My work as a professional translator Russian English is to provide them with the accurate information they can use in their work. I am glad to be of assistance.

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