APEC 2012 Russia Economic Leaders’ Week – Vladivostok 2-9 September

APEC 2012 Russia Leaders’ Week will be held in Vladivostok from September 2 to 9 as part of Russia’s tenure as APEC chair.

Several functions will be held during the week:
• Concluding Senior Officials’ Meeting (September 2-3);
• APEC Business Advisory Council Meeting (September 3-6);
• APEC Ministerial Meeting (September 5-6);
• APEC CEO Summit (September 7-8);
• APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting (September 8-9).
Work across key areas of the agenda will continue in the course of these meetings, including priorities declared by Russia, such as trade and investment liberalization, regional economic integration, strengthening food security, establishing reliable supply chains and cooperation to foster innovative growth.
During the open multilateral dialogue, APEC economic leaders will share opinions and work to find solutions to important issues.
APEC 2012 Russia Leaders’ Week will result in a final declaration that will include principles of partnership and further development for the APEC economies.

APEC Background
APEC began in 1989 with 12 members and has now grown to 21.

APEC members are Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Canada, Chile, China, Hong Kong China, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Peru, the Philippines, Russia, Singapore, Chinese Taipei, Thailand, the United States and Viet Nam.

APEC members are referred to as “Member Economies” because not all members are states and the APEC process is predominantly concerned with trade and economic issues.

APEC spans four continents and is home to more than 40 per cent of the world’s population. APEC accounts for close to 45 per cent of the world’s trade and 55 per cent of global GDP.

The focal point of APEC is its Annual Economic Leaders’ Meeting, the largest gathering of its kind in the region. The APEC process involves ministerial and officials’ forums covering a wide range of issues, including trade and investment, economic cooperation and counter-terrorism.

APEC “Advancing free trade for Asia-Pacific prosperity”

New Zealand is looking at signing a free trade agreement as one of the first countries with Russia at the APEC summit 2012

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