English to Russian Website Translation

The Real Reason Why You Need It

As the economy in Russia keeps growing it can be very lucrative to have a presence in Russia, also keeping in mind that Russia is one of the biggest market spaces hungry for mainly everything.

Whether you are an e-commerce or a brick and mortar company, it is essential to have  a web presence nowadays and to be able to reach the Russian market, you need to have a Russian Website.

website-translation-caviar-qualityNo need to mention that it is vital having your website translated into Russian professionally. A good translation is not a mere word for word translation like automated tools do.

A professional website translation should take into account the needs of your end customers as well as to know enough about the product, your company culture and what your company stands for. Besides those highly important factors, the language should be clear and to the point.

Statistics have shown a company with a Russian website will do up to 79% better than a business without an English to Russian website translation.

A professional website translation company familiar with the Russian business culture and that knows the specific features of your business can explain to Russian customers how they can benefit.

Any automated translation will not be able to show the nuances of your business and products which will cost you a lot of Russian speaking customers. Imagine, a Russian client looking for your product finds your website and relies on an incorrect Google translation. In fact the Russian grammar is quite complicated (a system of cases, genders and conjugation). Besides the language of the document has to be localized.

To make it all even more reliable you need your web presence in Russia to be on a .ru domain i.e. www.yourcompany.ru

Another point to pay attention to is to optimize your Russian web content for search engines like the popular Russian equivalent of Google “Yandex”. Make sure that the translation company optimizes your website for the keywords that are relevant to your market. This way the Russian search engines will find your website first which will bring you more prospects.

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