My new interpreting experience

I am back in Wellington after two weeks of interpreting. Two weeks of travelling from place to place, from the south island to the north island and back. Two weeks of interpreting meetings, negotiations, visiting different companies, meeting new people and exchanging information.

Every interpreting experience is extremely rewarding in many ways. For two weeks you share time, knowledge and interests with other people. If you keep your eyes, ears and consciousness open, a lot of new facts, details and different sides of life become visible and available. You anticipate, generalise, simplify, if necessary and transform the information from Russian into English and back into Russian: delivering the information pure and clear for both sides.

This skill not only requires the language proficiency but a broad outlook on current life. My experience was just like that. The client was a very demanding, extremely knowledgeable, opinionated and liberal investor. His main requirement was me providingĀ unbiased translation (read: keep emotions to yourself and leave opinions behind). The part of staying reserved and inconspicuous might be quite challenging for some people. But feeling flattered when praised and grateful for constructive criticism that is what it is all about. Another side to my working style.

It does not matter where or what you have to translate: meeting with members of MPI NZ, negotiations with a barrister or sightseeing, you work with successful people and can learn from them and get inspired. Another benefit of the job is seeing great places like Queenstown in winter.


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