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New Zealand with its pristine landscapes became the hottest destination due to the Hobbit movie franchise. But New Zealand is much more than that. New Zealand is the most relaxed culture in the world. What if you are tired of hurrying all the time and just dream about surfing in the morning and enjoying local produce at night? New Zealand is just good for that. New Zealanders are proud of their authentic food, wine and music so that you can spend the whole day trying and wondering.
‘The city of Wellington has $1 million in services heading its way after being named one of the New York-based Rockefeller Foundation’s international network of 100 Resilient Cities.
Wellington (the cutest little capital) and 34 other cities were chosen from nearly 350 applications spanning over 90 countries as the resilient cities. The resilient cities scheme was launched last year by the foundation to help cities worldwide become more resilient to physical, social and economic challenges. President of 100 Resilient Cities, Michael Berkowitz, said Wellington was selected because of its leaders’ commitment to resilience building and the innovative and proactive way they had approached challenges.’
I would call New Zealand’s culture a boutique culture. There are boutique wineries, eateries, fisheries, boating, hunting, lodges and Karen Walker. One experiences things not in molls or shopping centres but in fancy and quirky spaces.
As a translator I feel privileged to meet the pioneers of NZ businesses, seeing amazing places and listening to the real stories of the real people.
A fishing trip in NZ means a real fishing experience with always plenty of fish to catch like Cray fish in the ocean or trout in the lake Taupo. Hunting in NZ means the participants are expected to show some skills.
Accommodation is the question of personal choice: discreet, modern, luxurious, stylish or just minimalistic. And there are plenty of beaches for any kind of activity you may fancy. There is a lot of ocean here.

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