What is a professional Russian translation

There are people who studied to be professional, say, designer, musician, artist, chef, etc.

There are people who decided that they are good at designing, making music, art or cooking, etc.

There are people who spend their whole life working hard to become somebody like designer, musician, artist, chef, etc.

There are people who are natural in what they love to do: designing, making music, art or cooking, etc.

Natural is the word of the day. Being natural means doing something naturally good.

Professional translation has to be naturally good and easy to read and comprehend.

What stands behind that is the mastery of a language, natural ability to transfer the information from one language to another using simple expressive means of the target language.

The content should be crystal clear.

The style should be acceptable.

Communication is the key.

Russian translation is not about speaking English. It is about being an expert in both languages: English and Russian.

The mastery you can only have after years of hard work and exploring the world.

Attitude is paramount.

English Russian translation. Listen. Speak. Write. Communicate.

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