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Learn Russian in Wellington NZ

Anyone who is doing business with a Russian company, planning to do so or just wants to go to Russia and explore an exotic culture is welcome to learn “the great and powerful” Russian language.

By learning Russian in Wellington you can make sure that your business gets the most out of your relationship with your Russian business partner. Or you get the most of your travel to Russia.

I offer you a unique opportunity to get in touch with an enigmatic nation with the help of the most powerful instrument – the Russian language. My method is developed and conceived to teach you to communicate the first and foremost. I also take in consideration your field of expertise. I offer personal lessons at a place of your choice. I will see to your needs the best possible way. Your willingness and my experience will help us both to succeed.

Russian Lessons in Wellington



Russian lessons Wellington a personal touch to learning Russian the right way.

Please call (+64) 02102974915 or contact me here to get you started with learning Russian



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The easy way to learn Russian and a handy tool when in Russia


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